IRIS-Vision 5.0 Software              Part Number: 999800

New IRIS-Vision 5.0© software: the complete IRIS control system and reporting application. With this advanced proprietary software; build tube sheet maps and inspection plans, collect and analyze data, and build quick and concise reports – all on-site.
This software is used for the inspection, data collection, and analysis. Once complete, an on-site final report is immediately generated. This report consists of a detailed description of the inspection findings, a summary of the test results, tube sheet maps; color coded by percentage loss/remaining and damage type, side views of the exchanger indicating percentage loss/remaining, detailed information on each tube inspected, along with screen captures of the typical indications found. In addition, supplemental tube sheet maps can be generated for tube plugging or selective re-tubing.

Tube sheet maps

Inspection plan

Side view map

B-scan & C-scan indications


Realtime views B- and C-scan – Realtime MWT readings, image and control settings recorded, user defined alarm limits
Setup display B-Scan
Profilometry display Wall thickness, minimum wall thickness, adjustable cursor and color coded
Cursors Cross-section cursors: auto or manual pit sizing
Measurement Wall remaining, wall loss, and percentages
Operating system Windows 10
Inspection Plans Manual or auto-generated

With this advanced on-site reporting there is no more waiting days for a report, decisions based on tube condition can be made in less than an hour.