Safety is Job ONE!

Here at Iris Inspection Services, it is our belief that “Safety is Job ONE”. This belief is supported by our impeccable and unsurpassed safety record, with numerous safety awards and recognition letters since 1985. We think safety first in all that we do and accept no compromises for our employees’ and customers’ protection from accidents and injuries.

Commitment to Safety

At Iris Inspection Services, safety means more than simply ensuring compliance with industry standards. Safety is a commitment that we all make to work safely and watch out for one another, both on and off the job, every day. Through this commitment we have created a culture of safety within our company. We believe all accidents/incidents are preventable and that every employee has the right and the responsibility to stop any work they feel is unsafe to themselves, others, or the environment. From our management down, we maintain an attitude of safety coming first in all that we do. Through the creation of our safety culture, we are continually improving our standards and performance.